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Who needs to know about your finances

January 17, 2013

Planning for retirement includes planning for when we can't manage our finances. At some point, many of us will experience an illness or accident that makes us more reliant on others.

Kathy explains how keeping an inventory of your financial accounts, including your assets and debt, can be extremely helpful to family members who may be called upon to provide assistance. She also covers the importance of advance directives -- documents that can help you communicate how you want health care procedures, property, and finances handled when you can't speak for yourself.

Did you know that sharing too much information following an auto accident can put you at risk for identity theft? There's a new smartphone app that walks you through the information you need to gather and share if you've been in a collision. (Not a smartphone user? There's a print checklist, too!)

Finally, Kathy has picked up new tips on how to improve your health and your finances all in one -- and she shares two blogs that will help you do it.

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Source: Kathy Sweedler, Extension Educator, Consumer Economics, sweedler@illinois.edu

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