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Crawford 4-Her makes dream come true for friend

November 6, 2013

A Crawford County 4-H member is living out the 4-H Pledge's "hands to larger service." Chloe Partridge is a second year member of the Crawford County Hustlers 4-H Club.

"She is an amazing young lady with a big heart," said Samantha Gaither, University of Illinois Extension 4-H program coordinator in Crawford County.

During Chloe's first year of 4-H, she and her grandmother conducted a non-profit bake sale to raise money for Alyssa Garner, a local 13-year-old, to attend a week long camp called Camp Riley. Camp Riley helps youth with disabilities realize their independence by teaching youth how do to everyday tasks.

Chloe, along with the aid of her grandmother and area businesses, raised more than $500. The cost of one week at Riley Camp is $2,000, but the campers are only expected to pay $400.

"Chloe was so excited to be able to send Alyssa to camp and so were area businesses," said Gaither. Chloe and her grandmother plan to conduct a bake sale every year, Gaither said.

As a result of Chloe's initiative, area businesses have now formed a committee to hold fundraisers to send more local children to Camp Riley; the most recent was last July's car wash.

Chloe said the idea to hold the bake sale came from her 4-H Cooking 101 project book. The manual suggested 4-H members hold a non-profit bake sale as a community service project, and she wanted to help Alyssa out.

"It is amazing what youth can do when they put their mind to it," Gaither said. "This is just one of the many reasons why Miss Chloe Partridge will be receiving the 'Above and Beyond' award this year in 4-H."

In addition to receiving high marks at the fair, she has also received the Project Achievement Award in the Standard of Excellence award program in Crawford County.

"I believe we all want to keep our eye on this amazing young lady," Gaither said. "She is out to change not only our community, but our world.

"Chloe lives up to the 4-H motto 'To Make the Best Better,'" Gaither said.

Source: Jessie L. Crews, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, jcrews@illinois.edu

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