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Enter Illinois 4-H's #thats4h Contest

March 3, 2014

4-H means something different to every member, every leader, every parent, every supporter, every alum, everyone! At Illinois 4-H, we want to celebrate everything that 4-H is to YOU! We thought we'd make it as FUN and REWARDING as possible … because #thats4h! So, we're having a CONTEST with almost $1,000 in PRIZES!

There are five different categories of things you can submit—and five different age divisions, so everyone has a chance—even adults! You may submit a photograph, six-second video, three-minute video, inspirational story or poem, or a 4-H promotional piece which advertises how great 4-H is to you! We'll show off as many entries as possible, and the top entry in each category will be used in a statewide Illinois 4-H promotion. We'll award nearly $1,000 worth of prizes throughout the contest!

How do you know what types of things to submit—If something happens and you can say, "Now, THAT'S 4-H!" then you are on the right track to WINNING this campaign!

Photograph—submit a photo of any size you took which shows "THAT'S 4-H" to you. It may be about a project, about your 4-H friends, about a 4-H adventure, about your 4-H family or anything else that says "That's 4-H" to you. Email a high-quality version of the photo along with this entry form to illinois4h@illinois.edu.

6-Second Video—submit a 6-second video you made (like the popular Vine videos) that shows "THAT'S 4-H" to you. Post the video to YouTube and send an email with the link along with this entry form to illinois4H@illinois.edu.

3-minute Video—submit a video you made of 3 minutes or less that says "THAT'S 4-H" to you. Be creative—create a club "4-H Flash Mob," show your project progression over time, video show day (from start to finish), create a "join 4-H" video, or anything else that says "That's 4-H" to you. Post the video to YouTube and send an email with the link along with this entry form to illinois4H@illinois.edu. You can't use copyrighted music in your videos, but there are lots of places to download "royalty-free" music. Ask your Extension staff if you need help.

Inspirational Story or Poem—submit a story or poem you wrote about what 4-H means to you. Limit 1,500 words. Email your story in a Word document along with this entry form to illinois4H@illinois.edu.

Illinois 4-H Promotional Piece—create an ad, flyer, social media graphic, PowerPoint or other piece which advertises what it means to be a 4-H member. Use a computer or draw it by hand. Take a photo and add text or graphics. Write your own song and record it. Submit your JPEG, PDF, or PowerPoint files to Illinois4H@illinois.edu, or post your audio/visual entry to YouTube and send an email with the link to Illlinois4H@illinois.edu. Be sure to include this entry form! Please be sure to follow all rules for using the 4-H Clover. Ask your Extension staff for rules or check online at: http://nifa.usda.gov/nea/family/res/pdfs/policy_guide_2014.pdf.

For the official rules, go to http://web.extension.illinois.edu/cfiv/cat79_4241.html , or contact your local Extension office. Enter as many categories, as many times as you want! The contest runs from March 1 to Aug. 1, 2014. We'll show off the finalists during the Illinois State Fair in Springfield and online at our website www.4-H.illinois.edu!

Source: Judy Mae Bingman, Media Communications Specialist, 4-H, jmbingma@illinois.edu

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