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University of Illinois Extension

Ten Videos for Vegetable Gardeners

July 30, 2014

          Gardeners can find more than 400 useful videos on the University of Illinois Extension YouTube channel, according to U of I Extension horticulture educator Ron Wolford.

The following are 10 videos that will help a new vegetable gardener get off to a good start.

·         Read labels at the garden center http://bit.ly/readlabel - Learn why you should take the time to read plant labels before you buy the plant. Lots of good information is found on the label.

·         Taking a soil sample for a soil test http://bit.ly/soilsample - Learn how to take a soil sample for a soil test. A soil test is one of the most important first steps in starting a vegetable garden.

·         Fertilizer 101 http://bit.ly/fertilizer101 - Learn the basics of fertilization to ensure healthy, sturdy vegetables that will be better able to withstand insects and disease.

·         Marking seed rows with sand http://bit.ly/seedrows - Learn how to use sand to mark your rows in the garden.

·         Space-saving ideas for vegetables http://bit.ly/spacesavin - Learn some space-saving techniques for gardens with limited space.

·         Using weed barrier cloth in a vegetable garden http://bit.ly/weedbarrier - Learn why you should think about using a weed barrier cloth in your vegetable garden.

·         Cool- and warm-season veggies http://bit.ly/coolnwarm - Learn how cool and warm season vegetables prefer different soil and air temperatures.

·         Tip for vegetable transplants: Pinch off flowers http://bit.ly/pinchflowers - Learn why you should pinch off the flowers of your tomato transplants.

·         Succession planting tips http://bit.ly/successionplanting - Learn how to extend your harvest season by using succession planting in your garden.

·         Extending your vegetable garden season http://bit.ly/extendseason - Learn how you can extend your vegetable garden season in the spring and fall.

          “All of these are only a mouse click away,” said Wolford.

Source: Ron Wolford, Extension Educator, Horticulture, rwolford@illinois.edu

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