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Show Appreciation to Your Childcare Provider

It is an amazing feat they carry out each day. Whether bound by duty or by a love for children, childcare providers perform a valuable service -- caring, nurturing, and teaching your young child. They spend endless energy and countless hours wiping noses, feeding them by the dozens, encouraging growth, mediating disputes, calming the fears of those with separation anxiety, putting things back together, and in between all that - TEACHING. Exhausting just thinking about it! And yet, they do this every day.

Have you ever considered how masterful your childcare provider is as she helps to mold your young child's life? In fact, many childcare providers are so skillful that your young child returns home happy, mentally stimulated, and (if all goes well) "plum tuckered out." A parent's dream!

You've thought about saying thank you, but you're not sure where to start.

Consider a few of these examples:

  • Teacher e-cards: -- They have on-line teacher awards and a place to post your appreciation to a teacher on-line.
  • Give a gift certificate to a Teacher's Store.
  • Create a bulletin board in your child's school to show appreciation for your child's teacher. Collect submissions of appreciation from students and PTA members.
  • Donate extra supplies like, tissue, anti-bacterial wipes, art supplies, or even snacks.
  • Perhaps, the best way to show appreciation is to donate your time and remain involved in your child's education.

There are many ways to show appreciation. The list is not meant to be exhaustive. Find out what your child's teacher likes, what she enjoys doing in her spare time, and consider the way she interacts with the children. These are all helpful clues that will point to really meaningful expressions of appreciation. Sometimes, a little thank you goes a long way.