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Storage Ideas For Your Child's Toys

Adequate storage space for toys makes the job of toy clean-up much easier for both you and your child. Here are some ideas to try:

Hang It Up

  • Laundry bags can make excellent hide outs. Snaps or velcro fasteners are safer choices than cords. Attach hooks or pegs to the wall and hang the bag. Make sure it's within your child's reach.
  • Use your imagination -- a hammock can be suspended from two walls and be used to hold stuffed animals.
  • A shoe or garment bag that hangs over the back of the door has lots of pockets or shelves that will hold all kinds of toys.
  • Ice cream buckets with lids can hold several small toys together and be hung on pegs.

Put It on a Shelf

  • Buy some shelves that slip over the back of the door. They can hold many toys.
  • Book shelves or storage shelves can be very helpful. Make sure shelves are sturdy and won't tip over. Label the toys and the shelves so that your child knows what toys go on what shelves, (the blue toys on blue shelf, or all cars on the car shelf).
  • A plastic dish drainer is the perfect item for the storage of books or tapes.
Pack It Up
  • Use milk crates, stackable vegetable bins, plastic storage boxes or cardboard boxes to keep toys together.
  • Oatmeal "boxes", ice cream containers, and large plastic containers are ideal for small items. Zip top plastic bags keep puzzle pieces together, but keep plastic bags away from infants and toddlers.
  • Use a suitcase to pack away toys. Slide it under the bed for storage.
  • A large plastic garbage can with a lid works great for large items as an outdoor or indoor toy box. Keep in mind small items can get lost or broken in the bottom.

Move It Around

  • Use a laundry basket to store toys. It's easy to carry from room to room.
  • Store toys in a rolling cart. The cart can then be rolled into another room.

Prepared by Nancy Gartner, Extension Educator, Family Life.