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Too Many Toys

"He's got a room full of toys he doesn't seem to play with." Does this sound familiar?

When a child has too many toys to choose from he may have trouble picking one. He may go from toy to toy instead of settling down to play with one for awhile.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Box up some of the toys your child isn't playing with. Old toys become treasures when they come out of storage after a few weeks.
  • If your child gets several new toys on a birthday, holiday, or garage sale shopping spree put some away for later.
  • Move toys to a new play area. A rolling cart can be used to bring a few items to another room.
  • Combine different toys together. Take the animals out of the barn, add some small toy people and it becomes a school. Put toy food and a toy cash register together and play restaurant.
  • Add something new to spark interest. A new cookie cutter (no sharp edges) will make play dough exciting.
  • Clear out toys kids have outgrown. Kids can help sort toys to give away, swap or sell. Letting kids make some of the decisions will let them know their opinion is important.
  • Divide toys so they're not all in the same location. Create play areas such as a quiet reading corner with books and a comfortable place to sit.

Safety Note: Before selling or donating toys to charity, check them out. Toys with sharp edges, points or loose pieces should be repaired or thrown away.

Prepared by Diane Ryals, Unit Educator, Family Life.