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Family Life & Well-Being

In today's complex world, University of Illinois Extension helps individuals and families understand and cope with change. The nature of family life changes as we mature. Changes may include how young children are cared for, when they begin school, the adolescent transition into adulthood, and aging. Issues of balancing work and family also affect family dynamics. Family life is tied to social change; technology, job mobility. transportation, health care, and expected roles all have an impact.

Through innovative, educational programs, Extension helps professionals from many organizations and agencies build knowledge and skills related to family interaction. Family life programming has evolved into four basic areas:

  • families with young children (prenatal to five)
  • families with older children
  • family relationships
  • adult development and aging
Extension educators are prepared to collaborate with professionals and volunteers to initiate or enhance programs focused on family life and issues of well being. Topics that could be explored include:
  • parenting
  • child development
  • day care
  • communications
  • caring for older adults
  • single parenting
  • preparing children to stay at home
  • teacher-parent relationships
  • aging sensitivity
  • violence
  • family relationships
  • literacy