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Urban Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) attempts to address the economic loss pests cause yet minimize adverse effects of the environment and people. IPM seeks to integrate a number of pest control measures - cultural, mechanical, biological, regulatory, and chemical - in order to prevent damage.

Using Pesticides

In response to growing concern over urban pesticide application and use, University of Illinois Extension provides assistance and education on the concept of IPM and day-to-day implementation of IPM principles and practices. IPM does not mean the elimination of pesticides, but rather using other control measures with or in place of a chemical spray. In many cases, consistent and proper use of nonchemical controls effectively eliminates the need for chemicals. Reduction of pesticide applications directly benefits the environment; reduces human and animal exposure; pesticide resistance; and preserves valuable natural enemies that control destructive pests.

Assisting the Green Industry

The Urban Integrated Pest Management program assists a wide range of green industry members, including arborists, municipal and urban foresters, greenhouse owners, turf managers, nurdery growers, landscape managers and maintenance personnel, park district personnel, and interiorscape managers. Structural pest control operators also receive assistance in confronting household pest problems. Major thrusts of the Urban IPM program include:
  • pest identification and monitoring;
  • pest control and decision making;
  • conservation of natural enemies;
  • plant selection;
  • comprehensive plant health care; and
  • pesticide selection and application.

Educational Opportunities

Whether in formal classroom settings, seminars and workshops, or through personal contact, educators within Extension are prepared to interact with professional horticulturists and pest control operators on a wide variety of educational topics.

Opportunities include:

  • northern Illinois greenhouse growers winter seminar;
  • grounds maintenance schools;
  • pesticide applicator training clinics; and
  • specialized IPM workshops.

Working With Others

The Extension Urban IPM program also works closely with allied agencies and organizations, including the Morton Arboretum, Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago Park District, Illinois Nurseryman's Association, Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, Chicago Bureau of Forestry, Ornamental Growers Association, and local community colleges.