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Members of the South End Principals' Organization spent the last two days of March learning about information technology and how it will affect schools and curriculum.

Thirty-five principals of Chicago public schools on the far South Side attended the two-day conference "Technology and the School Curriculum: The Big Picture" at McDonald's Hamburger University Lodge in Oakbrook. The event was sponsored by University of Illinois Extension Urban Leadership Center.

"Principals need to understand how computers and distance learning technology will have impact on how we run a classroom and how we run a school," said Marilyn Epps, Urban Leadership Center coordinator. "This program got the principals away from their schools and gave them a chance to look at an important issue." The principals viewed an example of a classroom of the future, where students learn by satellite and communicate with their peers worldwide over the Internet. They also considered how administrators could use technology as a management tool, how technology affects curriculum planning, how to spend money wisely on computers and other technology, and which strategies can determine their technology needs.

The week before the conference, the group visited Kellogg School, Pilsen Community Academy, and Haines School, three public schools that are leaders in using technology as both a management and teaching tool.

Staff with the Urban Leadership Center helped establish the South End Principals' Organization nearly two years ago. The group gives principals a way to be active participants in school reform and helps them cope with and understand the changes brought about by school reform.

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