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The Urban Leadership Center Anticipating the Needs of the Community

Investing in Our Future

No issue is as critical to the future of Chicago as the education of our children. To meet this challenge, the Urban Leadership Center was established with special funding from the Illinois legislature. Its business is education. Located at 10244 S. Vincennes Avenue in Chicago, the staff have a high degree of expertise in working with local people to identify pressing issues affecting the quality of life of community residents. In turn, they implement programs that address those problems.

What Is the Urban Leadership Center?

The process of school reform has thrust hundreds of Chicagoans into the roles of policymakers, negotiators, and leaders. Citizens are volunteering their time and energy to improve their neighborhood schools. To assist in this effort, the University of Illinois Urban Leadership Center offers expertise and resources in educational policy and leadership, school law, curriculum development, teacher education, instructional research and curriculum evaluation, early childhood education, child care, multicultural bilingual education, vocational, adult and continuing education, and community and neighborhood development.

Working together, multidisciplinary teams of University of Illinois Extension professionals, community leaders, parents, and campus-based faculty combine their talents to help improve public school education in Chicago.

In-depth training is provided to district and local school councils, community leaders, parents, and citizens to better understand and participate in the public school education process.

Examples of such training include:

The Urban Leadership Center

The Urban Leadership Center serves the far South Side communities south of 87th Street including Beverly, East Side, Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood, Roseland, South Deering, Washington Heights, West Pullman, and Pullman.

The Urban Leadership Center Goals

For more information, please contact:

Urban Leadership Center
University of Illinois Extension
10244 S. Vincennes Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: (773) 233-2900

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