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How to Solve a Problem with Wildlife at Your Home

Hiring a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Versus Do-it Yourself

There are several reasons why it is better to hire a professional rather than trying to trap an animal yourself. First, it is safer for a trained professional to capture a wild animal. Trapping a wild animal carries the risk of physical injury since many animals will try to bite or scratch when cornered. Additionally, wildlife can be carriers of diseases that are transmittable to humans (zoonoses). Second, it is convenient. Licensed wildlife control operators already have the necessary permits and training to do the job right. Third, some animals, such as skunk, must be humanely euthanized after they are captured. If you do not have the skill or ability to complete this part of the job then you should hire a professional. Finally, animals that are to be relocated must be transported safely and securely. It is illegal to transport a wild animal unless the animal is secured in a suitably sized trap. The trap must be secured in a vehicle that has more than one compartment (i.e. a pickup truck with a topper) to avoid contact between humans and the animal.