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How to Solve a Problem with Wildlife at Your Home

Repellents and Frightening Devices

If used properly, repellents and frightening devices can be useful in abating wildlife damage caused by certain species. The Repellents and Frightening Devices page provides basic information about some of the more commonly used techniques and products. Each species page in the Directory of Illinois Wildlife has a Damage Prevention and Control Measures section that provides information about the most effective techniques and products to use. Repellents and frightening devices work better on some species than on others. For example, repellents can be effective in reducing damage caused by rabbits, deer, and Canada geese. Frightening devices can be temporarily effective against tree squirrels and raccoons. However, repellents and frightening devices are not very effective against moles or coyotes. The Wildlife Directory will provide you with information about which strategies or products are the best to use for each species.