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Choosing a Helper

Walk in My Shoes has many activities that bring you together with older friends or family members. These activities can be completed in a group or club setting or they may be done at home. Since many of the activities bring you together with an older adult friend or family member, you might want to choose an older person as your project helper. You will do and discuss most of the activities in this book with your helper.

Woman helping a young girl with a writing assignment.

The helper you choose will learn with you as you complete Walk in My Shoes. Your helper should be at least 65 years old, and should be someone you like to be with and can talk with easily. Find a helper and ask the person you choose if he or she will:

  1. Participate with you in the activities that call for the help of an older person;
  2. Talk with you about what happened in each activity after you complete it; and
  3. Share some personal insights with you about growing older.

Get to know your helper. Plan to meet with your helper regularly to complete the activities. The "Looking Back" part of each activity gives you some good ideas of things to talk about. It's good to talk about other things you think about too. Enjoy getting to know your helper and enjoy Walk in My Shoes.

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