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Portraits of Myself

Project Skill

Life Skill

What To Do

What do you think you will be like when you are an older person? Use the frames on this page (you can print out this page or draw your own frames) to draw a picture of yourself at a stage of life that you have already experienced or will experience. For example, draw yourself as a baby in the first box and as a small child in the second box. In the boxes labeled young adult, middle aged adult and older adult, draw yourself in a way as you imagine or hope that you will be. What will you look like at these ages, and what will you be doing? Try to imagine what the world will be like as well. Have fun!

BABY (birth to 2 years)

CHILD (3 to 12 years)

TEENAGER (13 to 19 years)

YOUNG ADULT (20 to 40 years)

MIDDLE-AGED ADULT (40 to 65 years)

OLDER ADULT (65+ years)

Looking Back...

Describe each drawing to the group or your project helper.

  1. How did it feel to imagine yourself as an older person?
  2. What did you learn about yourself through this activity?

What's Next?

Once you have thought about this question, continue on to My Older Friends or return to the How Old is Old? Table of Contents.