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4. What Did You Say?

Project Skill

Life Skill

Materials Needed

What To Do

You can experience what it is like to have a hearing loss by placing cotton in your ears or disposable ear plugs. Turn up the radio loud; then turn the television on with the volume at normal range. Try to determine what is being said on the television. Discuss your feelings as a group or with your project helper.

  1. Was it difficult to concentrate on the television program?
  2. Did you hear all or only part of the program?
  3. Was it frustrating to listen to the program with all that background noise?

Looking Back...

  1. How does this activity help you to relate to older people in real-life situations?

What's Next?

When you are finished thinking about these questions, go on to Helping a Person Who Has Hearing Problems or return to the Making Sense of Sensory Changes Table of Contents.