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9. Helping People Who Have Experienced Losses In Their Senses of Taste & Smell

Project Skill

Life Skill

What To Do

List some things that you can do to help an older person who may be experiencing losses in his or her senses of taste and smell.

For example:

Now it's your turn.


Looking Back...

  1. What did you learn about helping older people who are experiencing losses in their sense of taste and smell?
  2. What activities have you practiced already that would help an older person experiencing losses in his or her senses of taste and smell?
  3. How will you act differently in the future as a result of this activity?

What's Next?

Now you have become aware of the needs of many older people. You should not feel bad about a time when you were impatient or insensistive to the needs of an older family member or friend. The important thing is that you have gained a better understanding of older people so that you can continue to interact with them in a positive way! This concludes the experiential part of Walk in My Shoes.

Think about what you have learned from participating in Walk in My Shoes. Answer the following questions, and discuss your answers with the group or with your project helper.