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Herman's Fun Place

Here's your chance to write your own Herman story! Fill in the blanks and then click the button to create Herman's Spring Adventure.

It was a sunny Spring day and the grass was especially .

Herman was really and was thinking about .

He noticed a few puddles in the .

And then he saw lots of his cousins who were .

Herman got very when he saw Mr. Jones coming with a .

So he to and .

But while he was squirming towards the garden he saw a . His luck had turned.

He was trembling with when he decided to go underground.

Once he got underground he found and .

And he thought it's time for lunch. He found and .

For dessert he had .

He then and began to dream about .

Oh, Herman thought, another .

Your name:

(If nothing happens when you press the button, it means that your web browser doesn't support Javascript or you have Javascript turned off. If you want, just print this page and fill it in by hand.)