Extension Ag Update
January/February 2001
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Internet Links

Watershed Success Stories, Applying the Principles and Spirit of the Clean Water Action Plan
This report features 30 individual case studies of ongoing local watershed partnerships that demonstrate how coordinated efforts of federal, state, and local partners can lead to innovative restoration solutions addressing a wide variety of water quality problems.

West Nile Virus Resource Guide
The National Pesticide Telecommunications Network West Nile Virus Resource Guide site features state specific information, basic background and toxicology information.

Bovine Tb Website
Michigan State University has launched a new Internet site to provide timely information on bovine tuberculosis. USDA was a partner in creating the site along with MSU and three state agencies. There are eight major links on the site - centering on the disease, farm issues, wildlife issues, pets, human issues, maps, laws and regulations, and youth.

Illinois Aquaculture
Everything you ever wanted to know about raising fish in Illinois.

Environmental Risks to Children Research
The EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD) has announced its Strategy for Research on Environmental Risks to Children. This strategy strengthens the scientific foundation of EPA risk assessments and risk management decisions affecting children. ORD strategies establish research needs and priorities to guide programs five to ten years. They form the basis for more detailed research plans, which, in turn, link to individual ORD laboratory implementation plans.

Is Your Home Financial Security at Risk?
This is an interactive activity that will help you develop a risk management plan.

Encyclopedia of Farm Animal Behavior
Visit this site to find definitions of animal behavior terms and interesting video clips.