Extension Ag Update
January/February 2001
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Average Crop, Pasture, and Forest Productivity Ratings for Illinois Soils

This publication presents average 1990's yields of various grain, forage and tree crops for Illinois soil types under average level of management. Yield trends are presented in line graphs allowing quick comparison 82 pg. (B810) To order call University of Illinois at 800-345-6087.

Optimum Productivity Ratings for Illinois Soils

This publication serves as a supplement to B810 and includes an additional set of crop yield estimates for all Illinois soils under an optimum level of management. 36 pg. (B811) To order call University of Illinois at 800-345-6087.

Ruralwise News

This newsletter is published by I-FARRM, a Strategic Research Initiative of C-FAR and Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Contributors are from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, the University of Illinois and Western Illinois University. Content focuses on farm profitability and rural issues. For more information contact: I-FARRM Ruralwise News, Office of Economic and Regional Development, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 150 E. Pleasant Hill Road, Carbondale, Illinois 62901, 618-536-4451, ifarrm@siu.edu.

Homeowner's Guide to the Gypsy Moth in Illinois

Easy to read, brief and to-the-point information about this moth relatively new to Illinois. This tabloid offers preventative measures to help prevent infestation and destruction of trees by the gypsy moth. Included is a gypsy moth hotline number. (C1370) To order call University of Illinois at 800-345-6087.

The Disappearing Earth

Discover an exciting new science curriculum on soil erosion. Follow the exploits of Napoleon Soil and Jane Blonde, secret agent worms working for E.A.R.T.H. (Espionage Agents with Really Terrific Hair). This curriculum is appropriate for grades 3-5. The Disappearing Earth presents science lessons through a 36-page adventure book. Teacher's guide activities are designed to meet Illinois Learning Standards in math and science and the National Science Education Standards. To order request Student Book (SAW-1) from University of Illinois 800-345-6087.

Bad Guys II: Landscape Pests!

These cards help you keep your lawn, needled evergreens, and ornamental trees and shrubs safe from unfriendly invaders. Learn how to control white grubs, bagworm, gypsy moth, lilac borer, aphids and more. (30 cards) (INHG1) Order from University of Illinois at 800-345-6087.

Signatures on the Land

A new publication created by the Soil and Water Conservation Society to help increase understanding about the importance of our nation's working land. This 24-page colorful booklet emphasizes that food production as well as conservation commodities are gained from our working land. To order contact Michael Hiembaugh at 515-289-2331 or mikeh@wscs.org or www.swcs.org

Conservation Tillage Systems and Management

This is a comprehensive resource on crop residue management, including no-till, ridge-till, mulch-till and strip-till. Chapters ranging from integrated crop management to wind erosion are written by a panel of experts in that field. For a copy contact CTIC at 765-494-9555 or online at www.ctic.purdue.edu

Water Quality/TMDL

The Atlas of America's Polluted Waters, (EPA 840-B-00-002), shows which water bodies within each state do not meet state water quality standards. Color-coded maps indicate threatened and impaired streams, rivers, coastlines, estuaries and lakes based on states' most recent submission to EPA, generally in 1998, as required by section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act. More than 300,000 miles of rivers and streams and 5 million acres of lakes do not meet water quality standards. There is no charge from the National Service Center for Environmental Publications at www.epa.gov/owow/tmdl/atlas/

Credit Card Smarts

Ten fact sheets in a handy folder will tell you how to select the right credit cards for your needs, check your credit reports, manage your debt responsibility and protect your credit record. $5.00
(NCR613) To order call University of Illinois at 800-345-6087.

Saving for Financial Success

Learn the goals that lead to financial success, how to find money to save, and how to plan for retirement in this 54-minute audiocassette. (AUD-01) To order call University of Illinois at 800-345-6087.

Make Savings Work for You

Certified Financial Planners from the University of Illinois give you sound advice on savings and investment strategies, asset allocation, educational resources, savings options and more in this 90-minute video. (VIDIO-01) To order call University of Illinois at 800-345-6087