Extension Ag Update
May/June 2001
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What Is Entrepreneurship?
Recently, Illinois Extension initiated a novel new project called the Agricultural Entrepreneur Development Initiative. This project seeks to promote the development of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture. More

Overview of Hoof and Mouth Disease (HMD)
Even though it has a low fatality rate, HMD is considered the world's most important animal disease. HMD affects all cloven-footed animals and is present in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. More

Beginning and Young Farmer Survey
Information about young and beginning farmers is currently being gathered by the Farm Credit System Foundation. Data from the survey will be analyzed and made available broadly to policy-makers so that recommendations can be developed for the next Farm Bill. More

Making a Better Meat Product
Management at the farm level influences the eating quality of meat. Flavor, juiciness, tenderness, texture, and cooking odor are all influenced by such factors as genetics, nutrition, age, and handling techniques. More

Rural Route 2
The Rural Route 2 service is designed to help farm families get through tough times. More