Extension Ag Update
July/August 2001
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Michigan State University Initiates First National Precision Farming Survey

Roger Brook, Ph.D., P.E., Professor & Extension Engineer, 210 Farrall Hall, Michigan State Univ., E. Lansing, MI 48824, 517-353-4456, brook@msu.edu

The first national survey to examine how producers are using precision farming technology is now underway on the Internet. All crop farmers, regardless of whether or not they use precision farming systems, are encouraged to visit www.msue.msu.edu/ssm/survey.htm and answer the questions developed by the Michigan State University Department of Agricultural Engineering. While several states have examined farmers' use of precision agriculture, there has been no nationwide study of how farmers are using these emerging technologies. Roger Brook, MSU professor of agricultural engineering, is conducting the study in an effort to determine where and how universities best can provide research and technical support for precision technology users.

Farmers can access the web site and take the survey, which should take 15-20 minutes to complete, through Sept. 30. The results should be on the same web page at the end of the year.