Extension Ag Update
July/August 2001
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Wheat Performance in Illinois Trials-2001

This publication includes yield, test weight, and height data from public and private wheat varieties grown at University of Illinois Agronomy Research Centers across the state. The University of Illinois wheat variety trail summary includes 2001 yield plus the two- and three-year yield average. These will be available at your local Extension office in mid-August. Call now to reserve your copy or view the results in September at: http://www.cropsci.uiuc.edu/vt/.

Illinois Farm Development Authority (IFDA) 1-800-406-4332


The mission of the Illinois Farm Development Authority (IFDA) is to assist rural economic development in the State of Illinois by providing credit enhancement to worthy entities that wish to improve their farming or agricultural operations.

Organic Grain: Another Way

A three-video set produced by Penn State and Cornell Universities to help grain producers consider a profitable alternative to conventional production and begin growing organic grain as a way to increase profits and stewardship. To order the $29.95 set, contact the Cornell University Resource Center at 607-255-2080 or resctr@cornell.edu

Sustainable Agriculture: Making Money, Making Sense

This economic report compares the profits of producers who use conventional and sustainable practices. To order a copy of the report, call Christina Fenton at 202-331-0771 or write mconnolly@firesofhope.org.