Extension Ag Update
November/December 2001
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Internet Links

Web Page Available on Bt Corn Risk to Monarch Butterflies
Information and research about Bt corn's impact on monarch butterflies and other insects.

Illinois Electric Council
http://www.iecouncil.org/, click on Fact Sheets
Factsheets are available for printing or purchase on the following topics:

  • Low Temperature Grain Drying (12-page circular)
  • Home Appliances: Control Your Operating Costs
  • What To Do During an Electrical Outage
  • Geothermal Closed-Loop Heat Pump
  • Add-On Heat Pump
  • Safe Use of Emergency Generators
  • The Safe Way
  • Electrical Surge Protection for Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Blinking Lights and Electronic Appliances

Measuring Wheat Protein or Gluten Quality
A description of grain quality tests used by the USDA Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration.

Smart Growth: Implications for Agriculture in Urban Fringe Areas
A look at the future of agriculture production close to urban areas.

Who Sprawls Most? How Growth Patterns Differ Across the U.S.
Illinois is not the only state dealing with a growing Rural-Urban interface. This report discusses this trend throughout the United States.

Universities Water Resource Network
Universities Council on Water Resources
Find information in the following areas.

  • Water Experts: A listing of water professionals and their areas of expertise
  • Consulting Firms: A detailed listing of water related consulting firms
  • Water Wetlist: Water related websites and their detailed description
  • Water Project: Learn more about innovative projects to protect watersheds
  • Water Organizations: IWRN Directories of Water Resources Organizations/Institutions
  • Water-related Utilities: A listing of companies for water and wastewater utilities

Natural Hazard Mitigation Insights
Check this website for information on many topics including:

  • Freezing and Bursting Pipes
  • Wind-Resistance of Roof Coverings
  • Ice Dams
  • Land Use Planning in Natural Hazard Mitigation
  • Performance of Metal Buildings in High Winds
  • Metal Edge Flashing

History of Agriculture Chart 1776 - 1990
A pictorial review of major events in U. S. agriculture.

The National Organic Program
Keep up-to-date on this growing area of agriculture.

A Farmers' Guide to Hosting Farm Visits for Children
Sibella Kraus and Karin Rosman, Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture
This is a practical guide for anyone providing farm tours to outside groups.

Healthy Eating Information
The Nutrition Analysis Tool (NAT) was conceived by nutritionists in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department of the University of Illinois to help anyone who is trying to lose weight or eat a balanced diet. The NAT web site gives the consumer the Recommended Daily Requirement of foods considered part of a healthy eating plan. If deficient in a particular nutrient, such as vitamin C, or if you have too much of something in your diet, such as bad cholesterol, NAT will suggest other foods to incorporate into your daily diet. Another unique feature of NAT is the energy calculator which keeps track of the calories you burn in a day doing different activities.

The searchable database provides information on nearly 500 food safety research projects dating from 1998 to the present. This website also includes:

  • program and planning information, as well as various food safety reports;
  • food safety news and information; and
  • more than 100 links to web-based food safety research information provided by U.S. and foreign governments, and educational and professional organizations.