Extension Ag Update
January/February 2002
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Perspectives on Farmland Leasing
This newsletter summarizes Illinois information for: (i) Tenure relationships, (ii) Cash rents, and (iii) Equivalent cash rents. Time series data for different regions of the state are provided.

Attracting Consumers with Locally Grown Products
This report summarizes the initial findings of a telephone survey of 500 households in the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. The primary grocery shopper in the household was surveyed for their attitudes and opinions on locally grown and produced food, organic and all-natural food and meat purchasing behaviors.

The StarLink™ Saga: A Case Study of Ag Biotechnology Regulation
Don Uchtmann's, Prof. of Ag Law, University of Illinois, 217-333-1829, uchtmann@uiuc.edu
This article tracks the pre-StarLink evolution of U.S. biotechnology regulatory policy and suggests ten lessons regarding the U.S. system for biotechnology regulation.

Maintenance, Cleaning and Storage of Ground Sprayers (#8917)
Proper storage and cleaning techniques can add years to the life of spraying equipment. This fact sheet offers tips for preparing your pesticide spraying equipment to be stored for the winter, including a list of which cleaning agents are most effective for various pesticides used.

Agricultural and Alternative Energy
The University of Minnesota Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department has a new page focusing on alternative energy sources and especially agriculturally based energy sources.

North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability
A four-state, multi-institutional, farm-to-fork effort designed to improve the profitability and competitiveness of small and mid-size farms in the Midwest.

Food Marketing and Processing Clearinghouse
A comprehensive clearinghouse of marketing and processing information for farmers and producers interested in identifying potential new markets, learning about alternative agriculture opportunities, locating processing equipment, conducting market research or finding information on a large variety of other topics.