Extension Ag Update
January/February 2002
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2001-2002 Agronomy Handbook

This handbook outlines the best management practices based on unbiased research done by the University of Illinois. It covers corn, soybeans, small grains and forages. In addition, chapters discuss soil fertility, soil testing and tillage. The Interactive Agronomy Handbook is available on the web and has numerous calculators to help you make management decisions. Get your copy at your county Extension office or order it at 1-800-345-6087.

2002 Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook

Sections on insect pest management, pesticide application equipment, environmental hazards of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, plant disease management, weed control and Worker Protection standard make this an essential desk reference for anyone producing grain or forage crops in Illinois. Call Information Services at 1-800-345-6087 or call your Extension office.

Profitable Pork: Alternative Strategies for Hog Producers

A new 16 page bulletin from USDA's Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), showcases farmer profiles and research examples of alternate ways to raise pork profitably. In designing hog systems that work on their farms -- in deep-straw bedding, in hoop structures and on pasture -- producers have been able to save on fixed costs, find greater flexibility, identify unique marketing channels and enjoy a better quality of life. To order a free copy, call 301/504-6422.

Purchasing and Leasing Farm Equipment, NCR-615

Raymond Massey, University of Missouri; and William Edwards, Iowa State University. This publication explains the variety of choices farmers face when determining how to obtain farm machinery services. It explains the typical plans that financial institutions and equipment manufacturers offer for financing the purchase of farm equipment. It also discusses rental and lease agreements, including explanations of lease terms, lease contracts, and the leasing process. Tax and financial considerations are also covered. A detailed example is given comparing a lease contract and a loan/purchase agreement. To order, call 800-562-3618; e-mail mwps@iastate.edu, or visit the catalog section of the MWPS website at www.mwpshq.org.

Ag Drainage: Planning an Ag Subsurface Drainage System (BU-07685-GO)

Gary R. Sands, Minnesota Extension Engineer, and Jerry Wright, Minnesota Extension Engineer, University of Minnesota. Topics include economics, system capacity and drainage coefficient, topography and system layout, drain depth and spacing, drain sizing, use of drain envelopes, environmental impacts, surface inlets and installation quality. To order call the University of Minnesota Distribution Center at (800) 876-8636 or visit online at http://www.extension.umn.edu/units/dc/

Agricultural Drainage: Soil Water Concepts (BU-07644-GO)

Gary Sands, Minnesota Extension Engineer, University of Minnesota. This is an 8-page, heavily illustrated publication presenting concepts that are fundamental to understanding how subsurface drainage affects soil water and the water balance. It explains–with practical examples–the components of the water balance in the crop/soil system and their relationship to drainage. To order call the University of Minnesota Distribution Center at (800) 876-8636 or visit online at http://www.extension.umn.edu/units/dc/

Acquiring and Managing Resources for the Farm Business (NCR610D)

Ken Thomas, Extension Specialist -Farm Management (retired), University of Minnesota. This publication details one of the most challenging aspects of today's farm manager's job: acquiring and managing resources. The chapters discuss the acquisition of farm real estate, renting farmland and facilities, selecting the type of lease arrangement, and keeping appropriate records. Also covered are: analysis of possible purchases, financing, managing the machinery, farm personnel management, determining staffing needs and managing a work force.
To order, call the University of Missouri 1-800-292-0969.

New Agrarianism Reflects Renewed Interest in Land Stewardship

Eric T. Freyfogle, Prof. of Law, Dept. of Nat. Res. and Environ. Sci., Univ. of Illinois 217-333-8713, erictf@uiuc.edu. This book is a collection of essays discussing the new agrarianism trend where consumers are adopting a new land-sensitive philosophy to making purchases from their food to where they live. He gives evidence that this new trend is taking a different path than today’s market-driven economy. To order call: 1-800-828-1302 or see http://www.islandpress.com.