Extension Ag Update
January/February 2002
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Scouting for Black Cutworms
There is no way to make an early prediction of the impact of black cutworms this year. Scouting is the only sure method to deal with this unpredictable pest and be ready to apply a rescue treatment when necessary. More

"Caution" Signal-Word Rule Change
The US EPA has changed the signal-word requirements for the least toxic category of pesticides, those that fall into toxicity category IV. Starting February 12, 2002, if a pesticide falls into the least toxic category for all routes of exposure—such as oral, dermal, and inhalation—the product label will no longer be required to show the signal word "caution," though the word may be used by the manufacturer voluntarily. More

Digital Diagnostics
Accurate identification of pests is the basis of a good integrated pest management program. Using state-of-the-art equipment, University of Illinois Extension County offices are now able to speed up the process of identifying insects or weeds, evaluate injury and damaged to crop plants. More

Rural Route 2
Rural Route 2 is designed to help farm families get through tough times. More