Extension Ag Update
January/February 2002
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Internet Links

Calculator for Crop Insurance

A web-based calculator that allows farmers to project crop insurance for the following: Actual Production History (APH), Revenue Assurance with the base price option (RA-BP), Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC), Group Risk Plan (GRP), and Group Risk Income Plan (GRIP).

Weed Identification

Enter plant characteristics to narrow the list of possible weed matches.

Economic Thresholds for Weeds

A fact sheet discussing how to determine if weeds need to be controlled.

Corn Insect Pests — 52-page guide

This comprehensive books helps you identify common corn insects.

Corn Flea Beetle Fact Sheet

This fact sheet discusses the life cycle and how to scout for corn flea beetle.

Wireworm Fact Sheet

This fact sheet discusses the life cycle and how to scout for wireworm.

Wireworm Bait Station

On-line video giving instructions on how to set up and manage a bait trap for wireworms.

Rhizoctonia Root and Stem Rot of Soybeans Fact Sheet

Evaluate your soybean fields using this guide to common soybean diseases.

Root and Stem Diseases of Soybeans Fact Sheet

Look for these common soybean diseases while you are scouting.

Foliar Diseases of Wheat Fact Sheet

Use this guide to identify diseases in your wheat crop.

Predictive Evaluation of Alfalfa Quality

Determine the best time to harvest the highest quality alfalfa hay.

Alfalfa Weevil Fact Sheet

This fact sheet discusses the life cycle and how to scout for alfalfa weevil.