Extension Ag Update
 May/June  2002
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Residue May Be Key Infiltration Factor
During and after planting can be a good time to compare the impact of various tillage and conservation practices on soil erosion and water infiltration in fields. Residue left on the soil surface from no-till and other high-residue tillage systems helps protect the soil from raindrops, which reduces the breaking apart of soil particles and ultimately the erosion of soil. More

University of Illinois Plant Clinic
The University of Illinois Plant Clinic has served as a clearinghouse for plant problems since 1976. More

Late Planting Guidelines
The Illinois Agronomy Handbook provides the following guidelines for late planting. Below are estimated yield losses for corn and soybeans if planting is delayed. More

Rural Route 2
Rural Route 2 is designed to help farm families get through tough times. More