Extension Ag Update
 May/June  2002
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University of Illinois Extension Soybean Fact Sheets:

Insects: Bean Leaf Beetle, Black Cut Worm, Blister Beetles, Corn Earworm, Grasshoppers, Mexican Bean Beetle, Potato Leafhopper, Soybean Aphids, Soybean Cyst Nematode, Two Spotted Spider Mite

Diseases: Rhizoctonia Root and Stem Rot of Soybeans, Root and Stem Diseases of Soybeans, The Soybean Cyst Nematode Problem, Soybean Varieties with Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance, Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybeans, White Mold

University of Illinois Corn Fact Sheets:

Insects: Armyworm, Black Cut Worm Chinch Bug, Corn Leaf Aphid, Cornblotch Leaf Miner Corn, Earworm Corn Flea Beetle, Corn Rootworm, Corn Root Aphid, Grasshoppers, Picnic Beetles, Sap Beetles Stalk Borer, Two Spotted Spider Mite, Wireworms

Diseases: Corn Leaf Blights and Spots of Corn

University of Illinois Alfalfa Fact Sheets:

Insects: Alfalfa Weevil, Blister Beetles, Armyworm, Black Cut Worm, Clover Leaf Weevil Grasshoppers, Meadow Spittlebug, Pea Aphids, Potato Leafhopper, Spotted Alfalfa Aphid, Tarnished Plant Bug

Diseases: Root and Crown Troubles of Alfalfa

University of Illinois Wheat Fact Sheets:

Insects: Grasshoppers

Diseases: Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Disease of Small Grains, Ergot of Cereals and Grasses. Foliar Diseases of Wheat, Scab of Cereals, Soilborne Mosaic of Winter Wheat, Wheat-streak Mosaic

Law and Taxation
New information and discussion have been added on recent court cases as well as topics such as "Abusive Trust Schemes," "Income Tax Consequences of Changing Business Entity" and "Reverse Like-Kind Exchanges."

Historical Crop Production Costs by Region of Illinois

By the Numbers Newsletter
Editor: Joe Parcell, Missouri Value Added Development Center
This newsletter is about breaking down complex analyses into simple information reports. The newsletter is going to provide numbers and figures about trends in the food industry, consumer purchasing patterns, industrial uses, international trends, and pricing information.

GMO Crop Economics
A survey by Mike Duffy, Iowa State University economist, using crop data from 2000, were very similar to what he found in 1998; there is no economic advantage for Iowa farmers to plant Roundup Ready soybeans or Bt corn.

Expert Forum on Honey Bees
Got a question about honey bees? Now you can send your questions by computer to honey bee experts at the Agricultural Research Service's Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson, Ariz. The center's researchers, who are international authorities on honey bees, will reply via Internet in about 24 hours. A special category called "Student Forum on Honey Bees" gives kindergarten through 12th-grade students the opportunity to use pre-existing questions as a template to help develop new questions on their own.

Specialty Cheese Market Report
This report presents an overview of the specialty cheese market and the marketing of specialty cheese products. The tremendous growth of the retail and foodservice specialty cheese market is examined. The report also attempts to uncover some of the opportunities and barriers associated with entering the specialty cheese market.

Virtual Library of Sustainable Development
An extensive of world wide sustainable and environmental links.

Science Without Boundaries
Jim De Quattro, ARS News Service, USDA, (301) 504-1626, JimDeQuattro@ars.usda.gov
A web site is designed for children about 8 to 13 years old, but has links to more advanced material. It highlights the importance of science education in preparing today's students for tomorrow's discoveries for helping resolve global issues such as poverty, disease, food supplies, environmental degradation and sustainable use of natural resources. Links to Spanish and English versions of the site can be found at: http://www.ars.usda.gov/is

Sizing Silage Piles
A spreadsheet to automate the process of sizing a silage pile.