Extension Ag Update
November/December 2002
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Publications Plus –University of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural Publications


It’s a one-stop shop for a current catalog of research-based information. Call 1-800-345-6087 or order on the web (Mastercard and VISA accepted)

University of Illinois Variety Testing: Corn Soybean, Sorghum, and Forage


During late November, the variety results for corn and soybeans from the 2002 research variety plots will be posted on the Variety Research webpage. One of the most important production decisions facing farmers each year is which variety or hybrid to grow on their farm. The variety testing program in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois provides fast, accurate, and unbiased performance data on a large number of varieties and hybrids to address this important production decision. Call your Extension office to receive a copy.

Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information


Limestone should be the first soil amendment applied to the soil in crop production. The rate of limestone application should be based on a soil pH test and recommendations in the Illinois Agronomy Handbook. When deciding which limestone to apply producers are encouraged to consult the "Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information" booklet. This booklet, produced by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and Department of Transportation, indexes limestone samples from quarries that wish to participate in the Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program. Analyses of Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) and fineness scores, plus correction factors are included in the booklet. It, along with the Illinois Agronomy Handbook, is available from your County Extension Office.

Profitable Practices and Strategies for a New Generation


This book discusses how 18 producers are changing directions to make a profit. The North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability is a four-state, multi-institutional, farm-to-fork effort designed to improve the profitability and competitiveness of small and mid-size farms in the Midwest. To order a copy contact: Center for Rural Affairs and North Central Initiative for Small Farm Profitability, PO Box 406, Walthill, NE 68067, 402-846-5248.

Working Landscapes in the Midwest: Creating Sustainable Futures for Agriculture, Forestry, and Communities, Conference Proceedings November 2001


This workshop focused on the concept of a working landscape in which agriculture, forestry, community development, and rural-urban relationships are conducted in harmony with the environment, taking into account the value of land, water, and wildlife along with the well being of future generations. For more information contact Dave Carvey, NRCS, at (608) 224-3009 dcarvey@mw.nrcs.usda.gov.

Writing an Employee Handbook, 121WEH

Designed to guide farm managers as they create a customized employee handbook. Includes: Required employment information, workday schedules, payment for work, time off, benefits, specific rules and policies, and termination. 39 pp. To order contact: The Resource Center, PO Box 3884, Ithaca, NY 14852-3884, e-mail: resctr@cornell.edu