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January/February 2003
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U of I - IPM


Visit our new and updated Integrated Pest Management website for current agricultural and horticultural IPM information.

Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry and Fish Safely (B3345)
Wisconsin Safe Food Preservation Series


Learn safe ways to preserve what you have caught.

Farms Turning Wild


This article profiles four farms that have incorporated wildlife and wildlife habitat into their everyday operation and how this affects their bottom lines

Senior Farmers at Risk on the Farm


Farming can become more hazardous with age. It gives suggestions on staying safe.

Farm Family Pesticide Exposure Study


The vast majority of spouses and children, who live on farms in Minnesota and South Carolina, that use certain pesticides, do not show an appreciable level of increased exposure to the chemicals according to a study from University of Minnesota and Emory University. The children and spouses of the 95 farm families had pesticide exposure levels comparable to levels measured in people who do not live on farms. Pesticide levels in farmers doing the applications varied by the chemical being applied and by the handling and application techniques used.

The 2002 Farm Act: Provisions And Implications For Commodity Markets, Nov. 2002


The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (2002 Farm Act), which governs agricultural programs through 2007, was signed into law in May 2002. This report presents an initial evaluation of the new legislation's effects on agricultural commodity markets

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center


This Web site is a partnership among Iowa State University, Kansas State University, and the University of California with partial support derived from USDA. It will help you Investigate Value-Added Products, Explore Market and Industry Trends, Create and Operate a Business, Locate Consultants and Businesses, Access New Information and Research, Register as a Consultant, Business or to Receive Updates

Chemicals in Your Community


This EPA website allows you to enter your zip code and receive information about businesses utilizing various chemicals within your neighborhood.

Farmers' Markets: Rules, Regulations and Opportunities


Neil Hamilton, Drake Univ. and National Center for Ag. Law Res. & Info.

The study examines the structure and operation of farmers' markets in the United States, with special attention to the legal and regulatory issues that may shape their operation.

Cultivos Transgenicos: Introduccion And Guia De Recursos


A website in Spanish offering information about transgenic crops.

Building Your Brand


Missouri Value Added Development Center

This is a good overview of different types of brands.

Farmer owned Brands?, Oct. 2002


Center for Agriculture and Rural Dev., Iowa State Univ., Briefing Paper 02- BP 39

Discusses the risk and benefits of branding

Farmland Protection: The Role Of Public Preferences For Rural Amenities, Nov. 2002


Investigates the relative importance of preserving different amenities conserved by farmland protection programs. Examines farmland protection program enabling legislation in the 48 contiguous States, and implementation of these.

Organic Wholesale Prices


Organic Wholesale Prices provides wholesale prices for select conventional and organic fresh produce items in the San Francisco and Boston wholesale markets, based on USDA Agricultural Marketing Service surveys for 1995-2001.

Macroeconomics and Agriculture


Changes in the macroeconomy have major effects on agriculture. The main factors linking the macroeconomy and agriculture are exchange rates, consumer income, rural employment, and interest rates. International macroeconomic shocks can cause major changes in the values of these linkage variables, resulting in changes in a country's agricultural prices, production, consumption, and trade.