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January/February 2003
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Publications Plus –University of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural Publications

Call 1-800-345-6087 or order on the web www.PublicationsPlus.uiuc.edu

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  • Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook – 2003 (IAPM-03)
    $24.00, plus shipping
  • Illinois Agronomy Handbook - 2003 (C1383)
    $15.00, plus shipping
  • Illinois 2003 Handbook Set: Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook and Illinois Agronomy Handbook (SET220-03)
    $35.00, plus shipping
  • Illini Crop Pro CD - 2003 (SET221-03-CD)
    $40.00, plus shipping
    This CD now includes IAPM-03, C1384, the 2002 issues of Pest Management and Crop Development Bulletin and the Proceedings from the Crop Protection Tech Conference. All cross-searchable.
  • Pesticide Applicators Self-study CD-ROM (SP39-7-CD)
  • Stored Grain Pest Management Self-study CD-ROM (SP39-8-CD).

The Private Applicator CD contains eight movie presentations (about 3 hours total) and retails for $20. The Stored Grain Pest Management CD contains six movie presentations (about 2.5 hours total) and retails for $30. They are a convenient way for producers and grain handlers to learn at their own pace at home or at the office. Applicators can review anytime—before taking a certification exam or whenever needed as a refresher. The Private Applicator CD was developed to prepare Illinois producers for the Private Pesticide Applicator certification exam. The Stored Grain Pest Management CD was developed to serve two grain-storage audiences: private applicators needing certification in the “Grain Fumigation” category and commercial, not-for-hire applicators needing certification in the “Grain Facility” category.

To use these CDs, you will need a Pentium-based (or equivalent) computer equipped with at least 32 MB of RAM, CD-ROM drive, sound card and speakers, Windows 98 or newer, and Internet Explorer or Netscape 4.0 or newer.

Ag Help Wanted, p. 242

Western Farm Management Extension Committee
Media Contact: Dell Rae Moellenberg, (970) 491-6009, dellrae.moellenberg@colostate.edu

The book can help agricultural professionals better manage their labor resources. It outlines inventive ideas that managers currently use to help them meet human resource needs; what the roles and responsibilities of an agricultural and horticultural employee are; organizational planning such as legal requirements and ergonomic principals that reduce injuries; staffing agricultural businesses; supervising agricultural work; management styles; strategies to develop teamwork; managing employee performance; benefits; pay structures; communication and problem solving. The book is supported with extensive supplementary material that is linked to the book's Web site, www.aghelpwanted.org. This information includes hundreds of links to useful resources such as regulatory agencies and service organizations as well as useful forms and one-minute videos depicting examples of management tactics. To order: on-line at: http://aghelpwanted.org/ or contact: orders@aghelpwanted.org, or write Univ. of Wyoming, Dept. of Ag and Applied Econ., P.O. Box 3354, Laramie, WY 82071-3354

A Guide to the Common Forage and Weeds of Pasture, p 48

This contains management information on 30 forages and 56 weeds.

Order from MO Forage and Grasslands Council, 2000 E Broadway #225, Columbia, MO 65201, 573-499-0886

In the Eyes of the Law, Legal Issues Associated with Direct Farm Marketing

A sample of the publication and information is at http://www.extension.umn.edu/abstracts/nonweb/abstract.html?item=07683.

Order by calling 800-876-8636.

Designing Feeding for Natural and Organic Pork Production, (07736-BU)


This publication reviews nutrition and management practices that allow producers to raise pigs under natural conditions or in a manner that allows for organic certification.

To order, call the Univ. of Minn. Distribution Center, 800-876-8636

Round Bale Silage Video

David Ditsch, Ext. Spec., Mike Collins, Ext. Spec. and Jimmy Henning, Ext. Spec., Univ. of Kentucky, Agricultural Communications Services

Baled silage can improve the quality of these stored forages by eliminating most weather - related losses associated with hay production. There are a few things needed in order to be successful in baling, wrapping and using round bale silage. This video discusses cutting time, wrapping, types of wrappers and using bales silage.

To order: contact the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Send a check for $20 payable to the University of Kentucky to: Agriculture Communications Services, Instructional Video Library, 131 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546-0064

Environmental Impacts of Livestock on U.S. Grazing Lands

This Issue paper takes a critical look at the environmental impacts of grazing systems and provides guidance on land management tools. Occupying more acreage than any other single land type in the United States, grazing lands constitute more than 860 million acres (350 million hectares) of private and public lands stretching from coast to coast and beyond. Printed copies can be ordered by mail: CAST, 4420 W. Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50014-3447 or E-mail: cast@cast-science.org

Animal Diet Modification to Decrease the Potential for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution

This paper examines the specific issues related to animal diets and the progress that has been made since 1996. The paper specifically addresses the volatilization of nitrogen in the form of ammonia. It also covers issues surrounding manure nutrient distribution. It identifies the important technologies and interrelated actions that are now available to help poultry, swine, beef and dairy producers fine-tune the protein and phosphorus content of animal diets Printed copies can be ordered by mail: CAST, 4420 W. Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50014-3447 or E-mail: cast@cast-science.org