Extension Ag Update
May/June 2003
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Illinois Promotes Certification Program for Manure Haulers

Few industries welcome government regulations, and the industry of commercial manure application is no exception. Therefore, when legislatures began regulating haulers in other states, the haulers in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan approached Extension specialists to develop a voluntary training and certification program. More

Illinois Offers Dollars to Seal Abandoned Wells

If you've got an abandoned well on your property, the time is right to do something about it. For the first time in several years, Illinois is offering financial assistance to get the job done, said Michael C. Hirschi, University of Illinois Extension water quality specialist. More

Navigating U of I's Wireless Websites

Although we can't quite throw away our extension cords yet, the day is coming sooner than ever imagined. More and more websites are now also accessible without a standard electrical outlet in sight on Internet-ready cell phones and palm devices. More

Livestock Identification: What For?

The identification of livestock has taken many forms and has been the subject of a standing committee of the U.S. Animal Health Association for most of the last century. Canada has had a mandatory identification system for livestock in place for two years. More