Extension Ag Update
May/June 2003
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Internet Links

Farmdoc Website Redesigned

Key improvements include:

  • The "look and feel" of the site has been updated to enhance the presentation of material at the site.
  • Live weather radar maps are now available from the farmdoc homepage.
  • Two new tools have been developed to facilitate quick and easy access to current cash, futures and options quotes available on the Internet.
  • Navigation buttons for "Publications" and "Tools" have been added that allow users one-click access from any page at the site to all newsletters, articles, decision tools and databases available at farmdoc.
  • Two new sections have been added. The "For Farmland Owners" section provides owners of farmland with current information and references in a number of key areas related to renting and buying farmland, managing farms, commodity marketing, and government commodity programs. The "Ag Web Resources" section provides quick access to helpful web resources on a variety of agricultural production topics


Pricing Performance of Market Advisory Services in Corn and Soybeans Over 1995-2001, Report 2003-05
The purpose of this research report is to evaluate the pricing performance of market advisory services for the 1995-2001 corn and soybean crops. Little evidence is found that advisory programs with superior performance can be usefully selected based on past performance. The results raise the intriguing possibility that even though advisory services do not appear to "beat the market," they nonetheless provide an opportunity for farmers to improve marketing performance because farmers under-perform the market. Mirroring debates about stock investing, the relevant issue is whether farmers can most effectively improve marketing performance by pursuing "active" strategies, like those recommended by advisory services, or "passive" strategies, which involve routinely spreading sales across the marketing window.

Hessian Fly on Wheat
An overview of this important pest of wheat.

Identifying the Hessian Fly
Learn how to identify this important pest.

Grain Genes
As a database for small grains this website is a compilation of molecular and phenotypic information on wheat, barley, rye, triticale, and oats. The website is supported by the USDA-ARS Plant Genome Research Program, and by contributing scientists.

Wheat Diseases and Pests: A Guide for Field Identification
This booklet is a quick guide for identifying wheat and triticale diseases in the field. The text comprises a brief description of the major wheat and triticale diseases, insect pests, nematodes, physiologic and genetic disorders, and mineral and environmental stresses. The site includes numerous color photographs, drawings and a diagnostic key.

Federal Sustainable Agriculture Program Primer
This primer compiles basic information about a variety of federal programs and policies that can help a sustainable farmer. Information available includes a short summary of each program, how to access the program (including deadlines and eligibility criteria), the status and funding source of each program, and where to go for more information. New information will be added as it becomes available.

Assessing Farmland in Illinois
Learn how your land values are determined.

First Annual National Resources Inventory
The National Resources Inventory (NRI) provides comprehensive and statistically reliable information on various natural resource conditions and trends on nonfederal.

The Use of Recycled Wall Board in Crop Production
Learn how to use this readily available material.

Choosing Between Liming Materials
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different types of liming material.

Using Chopped Newspaper for Animal Bedding
Recycle newspaper in your livestock pens.