Extension Ag Update
November/December 2003
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Farmers Markets, Local Food Producers Featured in Statewide Directory

Stuart Tarr, University of Illinois Agroecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program, (217) 333-1588

Illinois farmers’ markets, fruit and vegetable growers, livestock producers and other local food producers are invited to register with Farm-Direct, a statewide farmer-to-consumer directory. This directory helps consumers locate fresh, high-quality agricultural products that are grown and sold in their local communities. By listing their organization or business in the directory, local farmers’ markets and other ag producers can reach more potential customers.

Farm-Direct started in central Illinois during 2002-2003 to build strong links between local Illinois food producers and consumers looking for fresh, healthy products. This initial effort in a 25-county area yielded a listing of more than 200 producers, markets and processors that sold directly to consumers. Now, the Farm-Direct project is expanding to include the entire state.

For more details about Farm-Direct, visit the: Southern Illinois Community and Economic Development website. Or, contact David Onstad at: onstad@uiuc.edu.

The Farm-Direct listing will include farmers markets, roadside stands, u-pick operations, and local processors and producers who sell directly to consumers. There is no fee to register in the directory.