Extension Ag Update
November/December 2003
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Internet Links

Black Cutworm Fact Sheet, University of Illinois
Information on insect descriptions, life cycles, injury, scouting procedures, and management

Alfalfa Weevil Fact Sheet, University of Illinois
Information on insect descriptions, life cycles, injury, scouting procedures, and management

Economic and Policy Implications of Wind-Borne Entry of Asian SOYBEAN RUST Into the United States
This summary outlines the potential impact of soybean rust on U.S. soybean production.

Insect Resistance Management Learning Center
This Web-based tool provides comprehensive training on the principles of insect resistance management. The interactive website provides information on insect resistance management, compliance assurance program, integrated pest management, corn borers, and corn rootworms. The website is the result of cooperation among the National Corn Growers Association, several land-grant university and industry entomologists.

A Visual Scale for Estimating Damage to Soft Red Winter Wheat Kernels by
Fusarium Head Blight

Jessica S. Engle, Erick D. De Wolf, and Patrick E. Lipps
A quick guide to assessing damage to your wheat crop.

The New Agriculture Network
Jointly sponsored by Michigan State University, Purdue University and the University of Illinois this website brings seasonal advice to field crop and vegetable growers with organic methods. Nine organic growers will share crop updates and advice. University specialists will also write articles about a variety of practices and new research findings useful for organic growers. This new initiative has been funded through the American Farmland Trust and EPA Region V. To receive email notification when the latest issue is online, send this email message to majordomo@listserv.msue.msu.edu: subscribe organic_ag_news or send a request to be added to the listserv to: frost@kbs.msu.edu

USDA Recordkeeping Manual
A downloadable manual for keeping track of required pesticide application information.

Western Illinois Organic Research

This site highlights current research in organic farming conducted by Western Ilinois University.

State of the States: Organic Farming Systems Research at Land Grant Institutions, Second Edition
The State of the States II inventories information on organic research from Land Grant institutions through 2003.

Unified Biotechnology Website
This website provides information about the U.S. oversight system for products of modern biotechnology. It includes information on the roles of the regulatory agencies and links to relevant statutes and regulations. There is a searchable database containing information on all genetically engineered crop plants intended for food or feed. This website has been a joint effort by the Department of State (DOS), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Employment Law Guide, U.S. Labor Dept.
This online bulletin covers legal requirements for things such as overtime, wages, protections for seasonal workers, H-2A visas for migrant workers and occupational safety and health rules.