Extension Ag Update
January/February 2001
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Here or Coming? Western Bean Cutworm
Previously a western Corn Belt pest, the Western Bean Cutworm made its presence known in western Illinois this past summer. More

2005 Illinois Crop Management Conference, Feb. – Mar. 2005
In-depth, crop specific, hands-on sessions will give producers and business professionals the newest information on strategies to manage their crops including corn, soybeans and wheat.  More

StratSoy Buy/Sell Page
This website is a bulletin board for buyers and sellers of soybeans and related products. More

Hay Analysis: Improved Test
Relative Feed Value (RFV) has been used for some time as a single-value indication of hay value relative to “average.” More

2004 Field Survey Shows Widespread Outbreak of SDS
Soybean growers across Illinois faced greater than normal outbreaks of sudden death syndrome (SDS) during the current growing season . More

New Molecular Diagnostic Tests for BVD and PRRS Viruses
The University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has implemented molecular diagnostic testing based on the highly sensitive real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction . More

Managing Manure - New CAFO Guidance
EPA recently published, " Managing Manure at CAFOs." This document will help operators of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)... More

Soy Source Store Opens
The Soy Source Store features unique and new soy food items that are tasty as well as healthy. More

Rural Route 2 Is Available at 1-800-468-1834
The Rural Route 2 service is designed to help farm families get through tough times. More