Extension Ag Update
September/October 2004
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Ag Facts

A windbreak of trees has been found to reduce residential heating costs 10-15 percent.

Source: Illinois Virtual Forest, http://ilvirtualforest.nres.uiuc.edu/forestry/af_windbrk.htm

Climate Extremes in Illinois

  • The highest temperature ever recorded was 117F in East St. Louis on July 14, 1954.
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded was -36F in Congerville on January 5, 1999.
  • The greatest 24-hour snowfall was 37.8 inches at Astoria on February 27-28, 1900.
  • The greatest winter snowfall was 105.1 inches at Antioch in 1978-1979.

Source: The Climate Atlas of Illinois, 2004, To order by phone, (217) 333-8888