Extension Ag Update
November/December 2003
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Soybean Rust Information

Ellen Phillips, Extension Educator Crop Systems, Countryside Extension Center, ephillips@uiuc.edu, (708) 352-0109

The presence of Phakopsora_ sp. or soybean rust in the United States has been well advertised. There have even been a few rumblings about soybean rust in Illinois. As of now, soybean rust has not yet been found it in Illinois. There were some APHIS workers looking for it in Southern Illinois late this fall. It has however, been found as close as Missouri and Tennessee.

There is an abundance of information available on the identification and treatment options for rust.

In addition, over the next couple of months, numerous educational events will address this important topic. Special sessions will be at the Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, Corn and Soybean Classic, Northern Illinois Crop Technology Conference, and a Soybean Rust Telenet on March 29. Keep in touch with your local Extension office to get registration brochures for these events.