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September/October 2004
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Using Foliar Fungicides To Manage Soybean Rust

SR-2005, Land Grant Universities Cooperating NC-504
The Extension Plant Science, Econ and Ag Engineering specialists at South Dakota State University recently collaborated to produce an eight-page publication on Asian soybean rust. It also includes a section on soybean aphid. To order a copy contact: Media Distribution Communications and Technology, The Ohio State University, 385 Kotman Hill, 2021 Coffey Rd., Columbus, OH 43210-1044, 614-292-1607, pubs@ag.osu.edu. To download a copy, visit: agbiopubs.sdstate.edu/pub_description.cfm?Item=ABS205

Wheat Variety Trials

The 2005 yield, test weight, and height from public and private wheat varieties grown at University of Illinois Agronomy Research Centers across the state are available at this website http://vt.cropsci.uiuc.edu/wheat.html Also included is the two-year and three-year yield average. Data is available back to 1997. In addition to yield, agronomic characteristics and pest resistance are listed.including head type (bearded, not bearded), maturity, winter hardiness, plant height, standability, and resistance to various diseases (leaf rust and Septoria) and to the Hessian fly.

Contact your local University of Illinois Extension office for a copy.

Estrus Synch Cd

The University of Minnesota Beef Team has created a "Estrus Synch Planner," available on CD. It is a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet designed to customize a breeding schedule utilizing estrus synchronization (ES) and artificial insemination (AI). The planner consists of five worksheets including a planner worksheet, printout worksheet and a printable calendar.

The planner provides tips and program overviews, optional supporting papers and a list of 22 ES protocols described in detail. The planner worksheet allows customization of a specific breeding season using any of the ES protocols with the capabilities of choosing breeding date, type of AI method, product cost and preferred time of day to AI.

The reports give detailed cost of the protocol, operating cost and cost analysis with varying estrous responses and conception rates, based on the number of head synchronized. A detailed calendar is created with capabilities of printing your customized calendar, along with tips to achieve optimal reproductive performance. The $35 CD, includes shipping and handling. To order, e-mail Denise Plonis at ploni001@umn.edu or call 218/ 327-4490. For more info, visit www.extension.umn.edu/beef/

Integrated Weed Management: "One Year's Seeding”

The second part of this book's title comes from the traditional saying, "one year's seeding, seven years' weeding.” The book's focus is on practical, specific methods of integrated weed management based on understanding weed life cycles, seedbank dynamics, and soil properties. For example, nitrogen fertilizer, if used, should be applied using methods that direct it to the crop, not weeds (banding, split applications, adjusted timing. The ten chapters are authored by many scientists and is edited by D.R. Mutch and K.A. Renner, University of Michigan, 2005, p. 112

To order contact: MSU Bulletin Office, 117 Central Svcs., Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, MI 48824-1001, USA. Phone: 1-517-353-6740. Fax: 1-517-353-7168. Web: http://www.emdc.msue.msu.edu/newpubs.cfm.