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September/October 2004
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Study Documents Neurologic Effects of Chronic Pesticide Exposure
Chronic moderate pesticide exposure is linked to neurologic symptoms affecting both the central and peripheral nervous systems, according to an analysis of data collected in the Agricultural Health Study. The results of the analysis were published in the July 2005 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. As part of the AHS, almost 20,000 farmers and private pesticide applicators completed surveys on demographic characteristics, medical history and neurologic symptoms, lifestyle, and pesticide use. Researchers found that applicators with the most cumulative lifetime days of pesticide use reported more neurologic symptoms than those with the fewest lifetime days of use, for pesticides overall. The relationship between cumulative exposure and symptoms was strongest with insecticides. Organophosphates and organochlorines had the strongest relationship with symptoms within the insecticides.
Revised Guide Helps Producers Evaluate Poultry Contracting
The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA) has released a newly revised edition of Questions To Ask Before Signing a Poultry Contract to help farmers assess the true risks and benefits associated with contract poultry production. The publication is a checklist farmers can use to see if their contract guarantees a minimum income per flock per year, provides any pay adjustments related to inflation and increasing production costs, or offers a fair and affordable dispute resolution process. RAFI-USA's Contract Agriculture Reform Program compiled the questions outlined in the booklet based on the problems most frequently reported by poultry growers over the last twenty years.

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