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September/October 2004
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2005 iFarm Insurance Payment Calculator
An insurance payment calculator has been developed and is available under the 2005 iFarm Insurance Payment Calculator linking the crop insurance section of farmdoc (http://www.farmdoc.uiuc.edu/cropins). A user of this program enters the crop, county, and Actual Production History (APH) yield for the situation of interest. Then, insurance payments are generated for user-specified yields and harvest prices. The calculator was developed to help farmers determine likely payments because of drought conditions on some Illinois farms.  This tool can be found in the Crop Insurance section of farmdoc at:

Limestone Comparisons
If you want to compare the quality of limestone from one quarry to another, consult the new edition of the Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information booklet. It is available at Extension offices and on-line at http://www.agr.state.il.us/news/pub/Limestonebooklet.html

On-line video and CD:  “Scouting for Soybean Rust”
The video features Dr. Yorinori and others who discuss step by step how to scout for soybean rust and how to apply fungicides, if necessary.  The video is also available on CD.  To order a CD, please send an email that includes quantity, shipping address and phone number to Susan Ratcliffe at sratclif@uiuc.edu.  

Interactive DVD-ROM:  Encyclopedia of North American Weeds
This DVD-ROM offers more than 2,400 photographs covering 447 of the most important weeds and crops in the United States and Canada. The professionally narrated lessons provide nearly three hours of interactive instruction on the basics of plant taxonomy needed to identify plants.  The Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds - Version 3 DVD-ROM can be ordered through the North Central Weed Science Society by clicking on the following link: http://www.ncwss.org/info/weedncwss.pdf. Or call Bob Schmidt at 217-352-4212. The price is $59.95 each plus $5.00 shipping and handling.