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January/February 2004
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Identifying Turf and Weedy Grasses of the Northern United States

So what plant is this? Being able to identify types of turf and the grassy weeds that invade areas is a key skill for professionals. This new portable identification guide from University of Illinois Extension equips you with all the knowledge you need to differentiate turf and grassy weeds. This manual combines detailed color photos with descriptions of 23 plants in one pocket-sized package. The identification keys walk you through the process of examining plant characteristics to narrow in on the right answer to your “What is it?” question.

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Wiring Handbook for Rural Facilities (3rd edition), MWPS-28

This manual follows the 2005 National Electrical Code and has new illustrations, wiring diagrams, conductor capacity tables, building examples, lighting recommendations, and more. Information on electrical safety around grain bins and stray voltage is featured. Feb. 2006, pp. 96.

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Silage for Dairy Farms: Growing, Harvesting, Storing and Feeding, NRAES-181

Managing silage for reduced environmental impact and improved profitability is the subject of these 2006 conference proceedings.  Papers by 35 experts address growing, harvesting, storage, feeding, mycrotoxins, and nutrient management. Feb. 2006, pp. 450.

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Agricultural Ventilation Fans: Performance and Efficiencies: 2006 Supplement IL-05

Published every other year this provides unbiased data on more than 200 commercially available ventilation fans.  Included are selection criteria, equipment manufacturer list, test results grouped by fan size (8”: - 54”) and speeds.  Feb. 2006, pp.150.

Order from MidWest Plan Service, 800-562-3618, e-mail mwps@iastate.edu, www.mwpshq.org.

Dairy Manure Management: Treatment, Handling & Community Relations, NRAES-176

2005 Conference proceeding provide 34 papers on manure management challenges including feed program and manure nutrients, manure treatment methods, community and neighbor relations, anaerobic digestion, case studies and planning a manure management systems, 2005, pp. 340.

Order from MidWest Plan Service, 800-562-3618, e-mail mwps@iastate.edu, www.mwpshq.org.

Diary Calves and Heifers: Integrating Biology and Management, NRAES-175

This book offers 32 papers from a 2005 conference.  It provides practical information on managing nutrition and health to reduce sickness and age at first calving.  Cost analysis of replacement programs and housing considerations.  Jan. 2005, pp. 398.

Order from MidWest Plan Service, 800-562-3618, e-mail mwps@iastate.edu, www.mwpshq.org.

How to Direct Market Your Beef

The latest publication from the Sustainable Agriculture Network portrays how one couple used their family’s ranch to launch a profitable, grass-based beef operation focused on direct market sales. The book is filled with examples of real-life experiences and provides valuable tips for direct marketing beef from slaughtering to sales. It also has a special entrepreneurs section that highlights farmers and ranchers who have marketed their sustainability raised food in innovative ways.

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