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September/October 2006
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University of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural Publications
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UPDATED:  Utilizing Herbicide Site of Action to Combat Weed Resistance to Herbicides, University of Illinois (4mo42006)

A new update to this popular fact sheet is now available with the newest formulations available.  This color organized chart lists herbicides with similar site of action so that you can help combat weed resistance to herbicides. To order your revised copy contact: Dr. Aaron Hager, Assistant Professor, Weed Biology & Management; Department of Crop Sciences, (217) 333-4424, hager@uiuc.edu  or  Dawn Nordby, Extension Specialist, Weed Science Integrated Pest Management; Department of Crop Sciences, (217) 244-7497, dnordby@uiuc.edu

Identifying Natural Enemies in Field Crop

Ext. bull. E2949, Michigan State Univ.
This 46-page pocket-size publication divides beneficial insects into major groups such as beetles, true bugs, spiders, and more, and includes full color photos accompanied by brief descriptions and distinguishing characteristics.

To order:  MSU Bulletin Office, 117 Central Stores, Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, MI 48824-1001, 1-517-353-6740.  http://www.emdc.msue.msu.edu.

Iowa State Offers Organic Crop Budgets

A new Iowa State University (ISU) Extension publication can help organic hay producers assess costs and revenue associated with growing organic hay and other field crops. The Organic Crop Production Enterprise Budgets publication contains four enterprise budget worksheets that can estimate financial consequences of organic crop production. Organic growers may have three to six different products to develop budgets for, depending upon the number of crops within their rotations. These budgets reflect a four-year rotation of corn, soybeans, oats with alfalfa and a second year of alfalfa as the crops. Each worksheet provides sample budgets based on a long-term Iowa State University research farm study. The data was modified to more accurately reflect average Iowa results as indicated by organic farmers who reviewed the budgets.

The publication (FM1876) is available by calling 515-294-5247. An electronic copy of it is available at www.extension.iastate.edu/store.