Extension Ag Update
November/December 2006
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Ag Facts

Illinois producers have made significant changes in reducing their tillage including:

  • More Illinois cropland is being farmed using no-till than any other tillage system.
  • No-till is being used on over 33 percent of Illinois cropland.
  • The majority of Illinois soybeans are now being planted to no-till with more than 5 million acres no-tilled.
  • No-till CORN acres are again on the increase -- 17 percent no-tilled.
  • 85.8 percent of Illinois cropland is now meeting Tolerable Soil Losses.
  • Only 14.2 percent of Illinois acres are exceeding the Tolerable loss.
  • Only four percent of the acres are exceeding the soil loss levels by more than a 2T level(10 tons per acre per year).
SOURCE: 2006 T-Transect and Tillage county data, provided by the Illinois Department of Agriculture