Extension Ag Update
November/December 2006
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Soybean Rust Found in Illinois in October

Asian soybean rust was found in Pope County in Southern Illinois on a sample taken in mid-Oct. from late maturity group V soybeans. "If infection occurs during the vegetative and early reproductive growth stages for soybeans, this disease can cause significant defoliation of the plant and subsequent loss in yield or even death of the plant," said Suzanne Bissonnette, the soybean rust coordinator for the University of Illinois Extension.  “Luckily the outbreak this time came late in the season and will have no significant impact on the crop," she said. "Those areas that have experienced a hard frost will not be affected at all. No management actions should be undertaken by growers or commercial applicators at this time."  Updates on Soybean Rust will be given at many Extension programs this coming winter.