Extension Ag Update
November/December 2006
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Variety Testing Program Results

The University of Illinois has released the 2006 results from its variety testing program for corn and soybeans. The data from these latest trials are available in both printed form from Extension offices and on the Internet. The soybean trails provide results from conventional varieties and Roundup resistant varieties from numerous companies. The corn trial compares hybrids from more than 50 different seed companies.

Limestone Comparisons

If you want to compare the quality of limestone from one quarry to another, consult the new edition of the Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information booklet. It is available at Extension offices and on-line.

Wetlands: A More Profitable Alternative

Published by the Conservation Technology Information Center this booklet shares stories of successful farmers who have restored wetlands on their property and details the benefits they've realized from the restoration.

Legume Living Mulches in Corn and Soybean

These mulches not only provide erosion control, but also fix atmospheric nitrogen. Learn more about five possibilities and their management.

A New Look For Farm Safety: Reflective & Fluorescent Tape

The fact sheet has recommendations and instructions on the use of reflective and fluorescent tape to increase visibility of farm vehicles.

Getting Paid for Stewardship: An Agricultural Community Water Quality Trading Guide

This guide published by the Conservation Technology Information Center explains why farmers should consider participating in water quality trading and presents the steps involved.

Rodent Proof Construction - structural

Rodents can cause large losses.  This publication outlines their life cycles and how to keep them from living in your structures.

Farmer's Guide to Agricultural Credit

The Rural Advancement Foundation International USA has released a new Farmer's Guide to Agricultural Credit. It was written to help farmers understand agricultural finance and to help them be better prepared for the credit application process.

Organic Fact Sheets

MOSES - the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service

New and recently revised 2-page fact sheets including: The Organic Certification Process, How to Choose a Certification Agency, Common Mistakes Made by Certification Applicants, Transitioning to Organic Crop Production, Transitioning to Organic Dairy Production, Transitioning to Organic Vegetable Production, Marketing Organic Grains, Understanding Lot Numbers, and Crop Insurance for Organic Systems.