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May/June 2007
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Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in Diets Fed to Swine, HHS-Swine Forcus-001.2007

Dr. Hans H. Stein, Department of Animal Sciences, U of IL
This fact sheet has a detailed discussion on the potential and concerns of feeding distillers grains to swine. For a copy contact your local Extension Office or Dr. Stein at 217 333-0013 or hstein@uiuc.edu.

Facts about Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds, GWC-1

Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin and Michael Owen, Iowa State University
This booklet discusses the importance role of glyphosate in weed control and how to minimize weed resistance.  To order a copy contact Purdue Extension at 1-888-398-4636 or media.order@purdue.edu.

Understanding Glyphosate to Increase Performance, GWC-2

Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University, Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin, Glenn Nice, Purdue University, Peter Sikkema, University of Guelph
This booklet outlines best management practices when using glyphosate.  To order a copy contact Purdue Extension at 1-888-398-4636, media.order@purdue.edu or

Handbook of Forage and Rangeland Insects

Edited by William O. Lamp, Richard C. Berberet, Leon G. Higley, and Craig R. Baird
The Entomological Society of America
The handbook has numerous photographs, illustrations, and references about both major, widespread insect pests (e.g., aphids, alfalfa weevil, armyworms, potato leafhopper) and those less frequently talked about (e.g., alfalfa blotch leaf miner, plant bugs, and stink bugs). Detailed descriptions of pest life cycle, ecology, injury, management, and selected references are included. Some of our favorite multiple-crop insect pests are addressed thoroughly--blister beetles, chinch bug, crane flies, grasshoppers, and white grubs (including Japanese beetle). Also included are sections about forage and rangeland production, integrated pest management, insect identification, and beneficial organisms (parasitoids, predators, entomopathogens, pollinators). There also is a discussion about biological control of weeds with insects. To order, contact the American Phytopathological Society at 1-800-328-7560 or http://www.shopapspress.org/haoffoandrai.html.