Extension Ag Update
September/October 2007
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Wheat Variety Trials Results

The University of Illinois Wheat Variety Trail Summary are available at your local Extension office or view the results at: http://www.extension.uiuc.edu/ruralroute/.

Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information

Limestone should be the first soil amendment applied to the soil in crop production.  The rate of limestone application should be based on a soil pH test and recommendations in the Illinois Agronomy Handbook. When deciding which limestone to apply producers are encouraged to consult the "Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program Producer Information" booklet.  It is produced by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and Department of Transportation.  It indexes limestone samples from quarries that wish to participate in the Illinois Voluntary Limestone Program.  Analyses of Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE) and fineness scores, plus correction factors are included in the booklet.

Field Guide to Herbicide Injury on Landscape Plants

Dawn Nordby, Michelle Wiesbrook, and Scott Bretthauer
Distinguishing herbicide injury from other causes of abnormalities on landscape plants can be challenging. With the Field Guide to Herbicide Injury on Landscape Plants, you'll have in your pocket the details you need to troubleshoot and diagnose herbicide injury problems. This extensive guide presents more than 200 color photographs of several herbicide families, with images of vegetables, annuals, and herbaceous and woody perennials. Diseases and environmental conditions that may show similar symptoms are also highlighted in the key. Order by calling Kris Ritter at (217)333-4424 or by e-mail karitter@uiuc.edu.